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When you bring great breweries together it’s pretty simple what you get- even more great beer. At Brewers at 4001 Yancey, beer is what it’s all about. Southern Tier Brewing Company, Sixpoint Brewing Company and Victory Brewing Company are bringing Charlotte high quality, innovative beers in a wide range of styles and flavors so there’s something for everyone. Beers brewed specifically for the Charlotte market are featured with new offerings coming every few weeks. Thanks to the expertise of our brewers and a state of the art quality lab, each batch we pour delivers high quality, reliable flavors.

Sixpoint Brewery was founded out of an 800 square- foot garage in Brooklyn, New York in 2004, with a focus on explosive aromatics, vivid flavor profiles, and easy drinking finishes that has resulted in more than 35 releases over the past year alone. Sixpoint has a unique blend of science and creativity that comes through in classic brands like Sweet Action and Bengali. The creativity of Sixpoint brewers isn’t shackled to style guidelines, because style simply has no guidelines.